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Branding design - Truvia sweetener 
I guess the excitement of branding and advertising is about how design actually work out in reality. Truvia is an expensive sweetener brand, so much more expensive than Splenda…Truvia have a TV commercial “Honestly Sweet” in 2010 with an annoying jingle all way through Check it out…
So…we can’t change the fact that it is expensive…one thing we can do is to make the money worth!   
web design - web coding
Title: Unfold the City 
Coding experience :) 
Interactive Design is so much different from the other design fields. It is almost like a new “hand-craftmenship” that every designer should learn. Unfold The City is an interactive smart phone game that user can connect with other users on the street. The user account on their phone is connected to the computer so they can manage it on both devices. 
Web design - Ipad game
Title: Story Kingdom
Summer freelance
Editorial Design- Business card 
Editorial Design - Souvenir 
Title: Charlie Chaplin Anniversary
Editorial design - Manuscript
Title: The Boeing 747

Information Design - Serif poster
The first thing I touched at Parsons is Type! Typography suddenly starts filling up the space in my world. When I am walking, eating, shopping, watching movie, reading… I think of Type. Something that is so tiny but enormously important to our life, that I may never realize that before:) Although there are definitely certain rules to use and to create GOOD types, I think it’s still a very personal thing. I personally like san-serif typefaces more and my all time favorite choice is: BODONI 
For the poster design, I chose three serif typefaces and classify their most “obviously different parts” such as “A, G, Q, R, f, g, j”. It was a long progress to figure out a nice arrangement of the layout… But finally I got it!
Information Design - Word Map
Title: Colors in Culture
It is fun to turn information/ data into a fun and visual way. For this project, I spent time on researching about what different colors’ meanings in each culture. It took a long way to figure out how to place the data, the hierarchy, and the structure of the design. Honestly, not everyone cares about what colors mean in different cultures… but by creating the information in a well-visualized way, it can be fun to look at! :)